Secured end-to-end
Point-to-point and multipoint
Flexible and scalable
Low latency

Reliable, Secure, International

Global Secure Layer offers a carrier-grade global network with low latency, security and reliability. We have Points of Presence in major international business and financial hubs such as New York, Tokyo and Sydney. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the finance industry providing the security, latency and redundancy required.

Inline DDoS Protection

Our Distributed Denial-of-Service protection (DDoS) is built inline with our global network. GSL provides both a proactive and reactive DDoS solution ensuring global threats are surgically removed at our network edge before reaching our customers.

International PoP's

With Points of Presence in major financial hubs such as New York and Tokyo, our network plugs directly into the finance centres of the world, providing the security and optimal locations required.

Full Redundancy Across our Global Network

Our global backbone network is built with complete redundancy, ensuring data delivery 24/7. From subsea capacity, core routers, and edge switches our network has been specifically designed to ensure network availability and reduce the risk of disruption or network failure.

Our Customers
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