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Global Secure Layer provides a global IP Transit network with inline DDoS Protection. Stay protected and online 24/7 with our seamless inline DDoS protection.

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Connected Globally

The GSL Difference

Our industry-leading technical team works directly with you to develop a tailored DDoS and IP Transit solution to meet your business needs. We ensure you are globally connected on a secure, reliable and high-capacity network.

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John Todd, General Manager - Quad9

"Global Secure Layer has been instrumental in our expansion and subsequent ability to deliver in a single day over 200 million blocks of cybersecurity attacks. GSL’s operational expertise has been exceptional, delivering 100% uptime for our critical DNS services on their network while keeping malicious data from interrupting our users’ experience."

Matthew Nappo, COO -

"The moment executed its transition over to GSL the change in routing superiority, network architecture and lowered latency was noticeably superb, we worked hand in hand every step of the way, making it an absolutely seamless transition."

Damian Ivereigh, MD - Launtel

"We call GSL our 'secret sauce'. Their low-latency capacity is by far the quickest we have seen, our gaming customers love it!"